Clay Jones Legacy Foundation


To provide greater opportunities for higher education to the graduates of Forney High School and give back to the community of Forney through a number of means, while celebrating the life of Clay Jones, our friend and classmate.


The Foundation’s first objective is to contribute to the higher education of Forney High School graduates.  Through this contribution to higher education, the Foundation hopes to open doors to Forney graduates and provide them with opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable. To achieve this goal, the Foundation will donate a significant portion of the money it raises to the Clay Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund.  This fund was established in Clay’s honor at the time of his death and, for over ten years, has continued to pave the way for numerous graduates of Forney High School.

The Foundation is also dedicated to enhancing the lives of Forney citizens and contributing to the community in many ways.  By doing so, the Foundation hopes to inspire citizens and to perpetuate a strong sense of commitment to the community, which has always been a cornerstone value in Forney. To carry out this objective, the Foundation will explore the possibility of supporting other charitable causes that directly benefit the community of Forney.  Further, the Foundation will orchestrate various community service projects that benefit Forney and its citizens.

While working to achieve the charitable objectives above, the Foundation will strive to continuously honor Clay Jones and assure that his story and legacy remain close to the hearts of Forney citizens forever.  The Foundation hopes that, through charitable contribution and community service, we can share Clay’s story and motivate people to live life as Clay did—with dedication, hard work, sincerity, laughter, and love.


There are countless ways you can assist the Foundation as we strive to achieve our goals.  The Foundation would be grateful for your assistance through any of the following:

* Serving as a sponsor for a fundraiser

* Providing a monetary donation

* Participating in the Foundation’s charitable events

* Offering a helping hand as we serve the community

* Spreading the word about the Foundation