Organ Donation

One of Clay’s lasting legacies is the donation of his vital organs.  Clay’s life continues through the lives of the transplant recipients who received Clay’s organs and tissues after his death.

When Clay registered for his driver’s permit, he was faced with the question of whether he would like to serve as an organ donor.  Without hesitation, Clay made the choice to be listed as a donor on his driver’s license.  At the time of Clay’s important decision, no one could have known that, less than a month later, his parents would be following his wishes to become a donor.  The importance of this decision can be seen through the many people who were positively affected.  Upon his death, Clay’s eyes, internal organs, bones, ligaments, valves and tissues were all donated to different individuals who were in need of transplants.  Clay’s corneas restored sight to two people, and his kidneys helped two men end their reliance on daily kidney dialysis.  Just as Clay positively impacted everyone around him during his life, Clay’s organs were used to change the lives of each of these transplant recipients.   A number of people continue to be blessed by Clay’s decision to serve as an organ donor.   One of Clay’s kidney recipients phrased it well when he said, “Clay’s gift gave me a second chance.”

In the wake of Clay’s donation, Clay’s parents continued their involvement with the Southwest Transplant Alliance, an organization dedicated to the furtherance of organ donation and to the enrichment of the lives of those in need of organ transplants.  To this day, this organization continues its tireless pursuit to bring about universal support for organ donation.

The Clay Jones Legacy Foundation proudly supports organ donation and the Southwest Transplant Alliance.  The Foundation urges everyone to commit to this worthy cause and hopes that everyone will consider the choice of organ donation.  If you wish to be an organ donor, you may register by visiting  To learn more about the Southwest Transplant Alliance and organ donation, please visit



Clay Jones
Clay Jones
6/5/79 - 9/2/95

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